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Your Invitation

We will be the first to admit that "NOT EVERYONE IS CALLED TO THE NATIONS," but everyone is called to go somewhere.

The question is where? Perhaps to a distant land—another nation; Pakistan, Indonesia, Uganda, Finland? Others are called to go to the slums, the poorest of the poor, the drug addicts, the homeless, and the hopeless. Whether in our country or another nation. Others are called to reach their local neighborhoods, their block, their familes, or their own town or city. The point is, we are all called to go. Even those of us who have given our lives and hearts to the local churches must model this sense of being the “sent ones." We are inviting you to become a part of this great new missionary expansion of touching lives with a greater presence of the Father and the vastness of His creation that is growing around the world. Come join us in the streets of our nation and in the nations of the World!

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